NO2-SM30 series are Electro-chemical type Nitrogen Dioxide gas sensing modules. It could operate with 2.6V battery. Their multiple layer Temperature change effect compensation algorithms enable to keep the accuracy and stability over through full temperature and concentration range.

∙ Application : Truck docks, Loading bays, Tunnels, Diesel engine test  benches

                Maintenance garage, Air-monitoring, or other NO2 gas generation places.

∙ Measurement Range : 0~20ppm

∙ Accuracy : < ± 3 % F.S.

∙ Input Power : 3.3VDC (3.2V ~ 3.5V) c.f. Battery model (2.6~3.0V)

∙ Output : UART, I2C, ALARM, PWM

NO2-SM30-3V DATASHEET DS_NO2-SM30-3V_eng ver1.0.pdf첨부파일


ELT Sensor is a company located in Korea and leads gas sensor technology with 20 years of experience and top technology in NDIR gas sensor field.

The module is an electrochemical "Nitrogen Dioxide" gas measurement module.
It is shipped after individual calibration and calibration before the product is shipped to ensure high accuracy and stability.
It provides high quality by shipping after individual correction and correction work before product release.

Oxygen measurement sensors can be used in a variety of environments. Typically, it can be installed in sealed environments such as industrial sites, factories, silos, and chlorine storage tanks to maintain a safe working environment.