H2S-SM30 series are Electro-chemical type Hydrogen Sulfide gas sensing modules.

∙ Application : Industries and life safety

∙ Measurement Range : 0~100ppm (Maximum Overlaod: 300ppm)

∙ Accuracy : < ± 3 % F.S.

∙ Input Power : 3.3VDC (3.2V ~ 3.5V) c.f. Battery model (2.6~3.0V) is available.

∙ Output : UART, I2C, ALARM, PWM

H2S-SM30-3V DATASHEET DS_H2S-SM30-3V_eng ver1.0.pdf첨부파일


ELT Sensor is a company located in Korea and leads gas sensor technology with 20 years of experience and top technology in NDIR gas sensor field.

The module is an electrochemical "hydrogen sulfide" gas measurement module.
It is shipped after individual calibration and calibration before the product is shipped to ensure high accuracy and stability.

Hydrogen sulfide measurement sensors can be used in various environments where harmful gases are generated. Typically, they can be installed in a closed environment such as toilets, septic tank treatment facilities, landfills, steel mills, oil refineries, petrochemicals, and shipyards to maintain a safe working environment.


It supports UART, I2C, and PWM outputs for easy application and use.