Sensor Module CxHy-LF Series

CxHy-LF series is NDIR Dual channel flow-through type sensor modules, detectable down to 100ppm of Methane, Ethylene, Propane, and Butane gas.

∙ Application : Industries and life safety

∙ Measurement Range : 0~5,000/2,000/5,000/5,000ppm (CH4/C2H4/C3H8/C4H10)

∙ Accuracy : ±3% F.S

∙ Input Power : 3.3V(3.2~3.6V) / 5V(±5%)

∙ Output : UART, I2C, Analog

CH4-LF-3V DATASHEET DS_CH4-LF-3V_ver 1.1_eng.pdf첨부파일 C2H4-LF-3V DATASHEET DS_C2H4-LF-3V_ver 1.1_eng.pdf첨부파일 C3H8-LF-3V DATASHEET DS_C3H8-LF-3V_ver 1.1_eng.pdf첨부파일 C4H10-LF-3V DATASHEET DS_C4H10-LF-3V_ver 1.1_eng.pdf첨부파일 CH4-LF DATASHEET DS_CH4-LF_ver T1 0_eng.pdf첨부파일 C2H4-LF DATASHEET DS_C2H4-LF_ver 1.2_eng.pdf첨부파일